Ok, we’re going to get technical here. It was bound to happen sometime. Inside every one of us at Lehua is a canna-nerd just itching to get out.

The new science behind cannabis extraction is constantly evolving and more technically demanding than ever. The fact of the matter is, there’s more than one way to skin a plant. Our process has more to do with our preference than anything else. We like all-natural products with authentic flavors and genuine effects. We believe that a quality product starts at the beginning with quality ingredients. That’s why we source only the finest craft cannabis from organic farms in the state of Washington.

Our extraction uses whole flower, fresh off the vine and free of pesticides. Timing is a critical component of flavor, “bag appeal,” effect and strain integrity. We don’t like to rush things but prolonged exposure to the elements causes a significant loss of the more volatile monoterpenes to evaporation. Monoterpenes are responsible for what we anecdotally know as “fresh.” These are the same compounds that excite our minds, tickle our noses and water our mouths when we walk through a garden in full bloom. Our fresh-flower extraction process begins within minutes of plant harvesting to ensure that our concentrates retain the flavor profile of the live plant, not the process, with clear, brilliant color. It’s quality you can taste, see and feel.

Our products are the result of a team of soda and cannabis geeks working hard to create the perfect beverage, dab and vape oil. Cannabis strains are carefully selected to compliment the flavor of each beverage we make. Our food-grade extract is homogenized to prevent separation or sedimentation in our sodas, sparkling waters and terpene tonics, and carbonation is perfectly measured for flavor, mouth feel and quick absorption. Our sodas are fizzy and never flat. Our vape oils and dabs are naturally flavored with terpenes and are additive free. The Lehua experience is uniquely authentic!

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